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Whole sentences…sort of

Monkey is really starting to grasp that there are “filler words” in sentences. She’s been making basic whole sentences – noun phrases complete with verb phrases and messed up grammar – for a while: “Bodey [her name for our dog] eat it no!” or “Baby doll nigh-night beedo [blanket].” But just recently she’s started realizing that words like “in” and “a” and “the” belong in the sentence somewhere. Of course, she has no idea where, so her sentences sound something like this…

“Towel numatumitumtma diaper isnumatoma wet poopy numatuma.”
“Wash sooisnumatum binky numtooma ‘kay?”
“Duck samanumtum quackquack sumtum.”

Come to think of it, she might just be inventing her own postmodern language. I’ll bet I could diagram those sentences… 😉


This has nothing to do with our family…

…but I just had to share the love. It cracked me up, especially the last paragraph.

The most recent blog from Jon Acuff’s “Stuff Christians Like”: Prayer Walks.

As Promised…the Video Catchup Post

Alright, here’s our life in video over the past time I haven’t been able to blog.

Wash Your Face
She’s actually really good at cleaning up her messes. Well…trying to clean up her messes. That includes her own face. Her usually very messy face.

Monkey’s Favorite Game
At 5 Months

At 18 Months

Who’s My Favorite?

Love You

What about now?

Isshe (Otherwise known as Peek a Boo)
Grandparents started playing this game by asking, “Where is she?” when Monkey would hide. Now she calls the game (and the blanket/towel/pillow used to play it) “isshe.”

Singing the “Bitty Bider Song”
Mimi taught us this song.

She is SOOO TALKATIVE! All the time!

Rocking Chair
A favorite game, we sing while she rocks.

Looking for S
Monkey has friends she loves to play with. But when those friends disappear to go find something else, she gets concerned.

Pretty Pink Flower
Daddy’s shoulders might be the greatest place in the entire world. And we have also recently become obsessed with all things “pretty.”

I can put on my shoes!
This one’s a little long, but demonstrates our fantastic shoe-putting-on-our-hand ability.

Sleepy Song
When Monkey tries to sleep in the car.

Ari’s Soap
Playing in the bath and pretending to bathe.

Drawing “Sunsine”
All circles are “sunsine,” even those hastily drawn in spilled mashed potatoes on our high chair.

More Pickle!
In which Monkey can’t decide what to eat, but declares her love of cruises.

What if I say it really, really slow?
There is no video here, only audio, but if you listen closely you can tell she’s repeating the same phrase over and over again. We can’t understand her, so she eventually just slows it down to a crawl, emphasizing syllables to help us understand.

Trying out a recently learned skill.

We LOVED the penguins at the zoo. We call them “Pennies.”

Kicking in the Pool
Monkey has mixed feelings about the pool. We’re okay here, and splashing water is always fun.

Walking Baby Doll
She has a lot of fun with her “baby doll shouler.”

Say “Happy Birthday!”
This video was taken on my birthday.

Well, if you would just move out my dang way!
Shoes are such an impediment to proper stroller pushing.

Absent a While

Yes, yes, it’s been a while since I posted a family update. I actually tried to do a post on my mobile a few days ago, but it limited my characters and deleted half the post. Anyway, we haven’t had internet for a while but now IT’S BACK, BABY! I’ve taken a bunch of video of Ari in the interum enterum meantime so expect a post full of video as soon as I have a chance to move it to my computer.

Wow, you must have a really nice camera!

If I had a dollar for every time someone said that to me, I’d have lots and lots of dollars. That’s why I love this site. Chase Jarvis is a famous photographer who recently gave away his old iPhone on his blog. The contest? Submit your best mobile phone picture, winner takes all. The results? Stunning. Take a look at what a photographer can do, even without a $5,000 camera.


Some Pictures from Hawaii

I finally got Photoshop in the mail yesterday and edited a few pictures from Hawaii. That trip was SO much fun and I want to go back! Luckily Pager is planning on visiting in November with hubby and kiddos in tow, so that should help ease the pain a little.

We found this sea turtle along with another on the beach where they film LOST. I call him The Lost Turtle. Geddit?

The Lost Turtle

Abbie and Luke


Secret Hiding Spot


Peach Icecream

Ya’ll, I love peach ice cream. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always not been a fan of peach ice cream. Vanilla with frozen ice hard chunks of peach in it just doesn’t do it for me. But Ham’s Orchard’s peach softserve?? Swirled with homemade strawberry?? Um, I might move to Will’s Point. The peaches alone are worth the drive.

Monkey, by the way, loves it too.

(I posted larger pictures on my photo blog.)

Rub Noses
Wills Point Smaller-4
Wills Point Smaller-13
Wills Point Smaller-5
Wills Point Smaller-1
Wills Point Smaller-2
Wills Point Smaller-10