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Looking forward to Christmas

Will is really starting to laugh…and smile…and chatter…he’s definitely not as much of a chatterbox as Ari was, but he’s finding his voice. 🙂

Baby smiles!!!

Life is settling into more of a routine. Even though we aren’t completely moved in, enough of the house is unpacked that we have places to go relax. It’s hard to manage kids, keeping the house clean and unpacking, so we’re hoping Christmas break is going to afford us more of a time luxury than we’ve been experiencing!

One of our routine parts of the day is mine and Ari’s after nap snuggles. Will is usually still asleep at that point, and (depending on her current mood) we might stay in the rocking chair and cuddle, talk, or read a book. This is probably the sweetest part of my day.

“Mommmyyy! Uuuuup!”

This picture is blurry. I couldn’t care less. 🙂 My snuggles.

Reading the “fishy book” after a particularly rough wake up. (Ari has nightmares sometimes.)

I love that nothing can comfort her quite so much as Mommy kisses. 🙂

I love this picture because her eyes really are this blue!

Ari and Will still love each other. I’m cherishing this time! No one gets bigger laughs or smiles from Will than Ari…and nothing gets Ari quite so excited as the prospect of holding her little brother (whom is currently dubbed her “son” ;).

She’s actually laughing hysterically in this photo. It kind of represents their relationship to a T. 😉


Though life has pretty much been routine, we’re hoping to get a lot of extended family hang out time during Christmas break. It’s really great to live 10-15 minutes from both sets of grandparents!


Fall Walk

We went on a walk around our neighborhood today. Monkey was very excited, we were going to take CiCi in the baby “shoulder” (stroller) but she decided at the last minute not to. Instead, our walk consisted of acorns, fallen leaves, deciding that candy on the sidewalk is trash, and bits of flyers that Monkey dubbed “MY PAPER!”

“What color are the leaves?” “Geen!” “That’s right! Can you find the yellow leaf?” [thinking…..pointing] “LULLOW LEAF!”
Yellow leaves

We aren’t very good at holding Mommy’s hand or not running away…so we’re practicing.
Mommy's Hand

Monkey is going to be getting a haircut soon…so I want to document all these little curls while I can!!

“Key inaina door open Mimi inthere Papa inthere key opit.”

Something caught her eye. I don’t remember what it was, but she gabbered about it for several minutes. (Gabbered=combo gab and jabbered. I just made it up. You’re welcome.)
Side glance

Playing with the leaves on the sidewalk while Mommy played with the fun leading lines OF the sidewalk.

I LOOOOVE her face in this picture!
That face

Handing me some of her leaves to keep because she couldn’t fit them in her pockets.
Here Mom leaves

I’m pretty sure she’s trying to give her prized leaf to Dora. Who apparently lives in the sky. This probably isn’t good.

Trying to catch a glimpse of something above her…probably a bird, I don’t remember. I do remember she wanted me out of the way to see whatever it was.
Looking up

In other news, a few random shots from the past few weeks/days/years/whatever it’s been.

Monkey really loves her brother. She gets upset when he’s asleep and she can’t play with him and kiss him and hug him and hold him. He’s like a living toy to her…she really likes having him around.

I love this picture…her lashes are so pretty.

Welcome to what my son pretty much does all the time. Except eating and pooping. I don’t have pictures of the latter. You can’t see pictures of the former.
BW Sleeping

“Ari?” “Huh?”

But I should probably wrap this up. The shoot is, quite obviously, OVER.
end of shoot 1

End of Shoot 2

We has a babies!

Full birth story to come later – because I’m exhausted and going to sleep now – but basically it went like this:

Mommy wakes up in labor and doesn’t know it.
Daddy wakes up with swine flu.
Daddy quarantines himself in another house all day while grandma takes care of Monkey.
Mommy goes shopping, cleans the house, goes for a walk to get ‘false labor’ to go away.
False labor doesn’t go away.
Mommy calls midwife at 11:15 and says “MAKE IT STOP!”
Midwife says, “Come in, we’ll check you.”
Mommy comes in.
Mommy’s a 9.
Out of 10.
Mommy pushes for 3 hours because Mommy keeps passing out because Mommy is exhausted.
Mommy is convinced baby Will is NEVER GOING TO COME EVER.
Baby Will comes!
Daddy is watching through a window because Daddy has swine flu and can’t be near baby.
Mommy sleeps at birth center for 6 hours while Will is being monitored for infection.
Monkey meets baby Will.
Monkey loooooooooooooooooooooooooves baby Will.
Mommy and Monkey go home.
Grandma takes Monkey, Mommy’s mommy takes Mommy, and Mommy goes to sleep.
Channel 8 news calls and wants to interview Mommy because of Daddy and the swine flu.
Mommy says no. Mommy says interview somebody else. Mommy is tired.
Channel 8 news interviews grandparents and Daddy.
Mommy wakes up to make a blog post because, what else do you do after a story like that?

The end. 🙂

Baby Will meeting his Daddy outside the window.
Meeting Daddy

Baby Will under the heat lamps because his breathing was too rapid.
Heat Lamps

Monkey trying to pick up Baby Will because “Baby Will car carseat drive bye bye now!”
Ari and Will

More pictures and details as soon as Mommy can!

William Justice Butler
Born October 5, 2009, 3:31 am
7 pounds, 14 ounces
20 inches long

Sign Class

I’ve been wanting to take ASL since Jr. High, but I never got the chance. They didn’t offer it at my high school, A&M’s class was always full, and even the community college near me has dropped their program. Then a few days ago I found out that the community center in Huffman offers a free sign class taught by a women who has been an ASL instructor for 25 years!! 😀 I went tonight, the class was 2 hours long and it was SO much fun! I’m really looking forward to going back for more. We learned family members and fingerspelling and numbers in ASL, a lot of which I already knew but it was really awesome to be able to see someone else doing them because it’s a different experience (obviously) than when you’re learning out of a book. The class is 8 weeks long and then I can move on to a more advanced class for another 8 weeks, I’m hoping that I can be somewhat conversational by the end. This will be a lot of fun!!! 😀

Being “The Mommy”

I’m used to working with kids, all sort of kids. Small kids, big kids, young kids, old kids, happy kids, screaming kids. Most of them like me, ask for me to come back as their babysitter, run around the house in excitement when I show up. They curl up with me on the couch at bedtime, ask for me to read them stories, and fall asleep in my arms. But there is one thing that all of these kids had in common: I was not the mommy.

There was always someone that ranked higher in their minds than me. No matter how much they laughed at my jokes, loved running around and playing with me, begged me to read them a story, there was always someone who made their face light up, their voice change, their steps a bit lighter. Someone else. I was not the mommy.

I remember when this first hit home with me. I was “babysitting” a nine month old boy, the son of a friend. I put “babysitting” in quotes because there were about five of us girls hanging out and we were all watching him, so it really wasn’t that big of a task. We fed him and changed him and played with him…and when it came time for bed, we tried to put him to sleep. Nothing would take. We rocked him and sang to him and walked around with him; we talked to him and hummed to him and all he would do was scream. Scream his little head off, scream like the world was ending, scream so loud I was genuinely concerned he might break something. We were helpless. And then, after about 20 minutes of desperately trying to figure out what was wrong with this child, his mother came back through the door. I apologetically handed him to her, saying that we had tried to get him to calm down. The next thing I witnessed was miraculous. This screaming, livid child hit his mother’s arms…and was silenced. He instantly settled into her breast and fell asleep. It was then that I realized…no matter how “good” at taking care of this child I was…I am not the mommy.

I remember the first time I really felt like Ariana’s “mommy.” We were at Justin’s school and we were showing her off to all of his teacher friends. After a while, I guess she just got overstimulated and started fussing. The teacher who was holding her at the time said, “Oh! Guess it’s time to go back to Mom,” and handed her to me. It was one of the greatest moments of my life. I am the mommy.

Ari has started sobbing, and I mean really sobbing. I’m talking big teddy bear tears, red eyes, monster pout, quivering lower lip, and that characteristic and desperate half-shaky gasp in between wails. And I love…I love…that I am the one that gets to comfort her. There is no comfort that trumps mine, no higher earthly power to which she can plead. Sitting on the couch at 6:00 and just rocking her, I am not waiting for Mommy to come home. I’m not watching the clock wondering if I should just feed her or wait…I’m not reaching for my cell phone to call for backup or see how much longer they’re going to be…I’m just rocking her. Because she’s mine. Because there isn’t going to be a Mommy to walk through the front door and take her away from me. Because I’m the one who comes home to her. Because I’m the one she smiles at when she wakes up. Because I’m the one whose sleeve she grips while bouncing in my arms. Because I’m the one whose lips she tries so hard to trace and follow with her own, whose face she can now awkwardly and clumsily grab for, whose voice makes even those teddy bear tears and desperate sobs fade away. Because she calms to my voice, settles into my arms, and slows her breathing when she feels my breath. I’m the one who gets to hold her, because there is no one else to hand her to. Finally…finally…I am the mommy.