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We has a babies!

Full birth story to come later – because I’m exhausted and going to sleep now – but basically it went like this:

Mommy wakes up in labor and doesn’t know it.
Daddy wakes up with swine flu.
Daddy quarantines himself in another house all day while grandma takes care of Monkey.
Mommy goes shopping, cleans the house, goes for a walk to get ‘false labor’ to go away.
False labor doesn’t go away.
Mommy calls midwife at 11:15 and says “MAKE IT STOP!”
Midwife says, “Come in, we’ll check you.”
Mommy comes in.
Mommy’s a 9.
Out of 10.
Mommy pushes for 3 hours because Mommy keeps passing out because Mommy is exhausted.
Mommy is convinced baby Will is NEVER GOING TO COME EVER.
Baby Will comes!
Daddy is watching through a window because Daddy has swine flu and can’t be near baby.
Mommy sleeps at birth center for 6 hours while Will is being monitored for infection.
Monkey meets baby Will.
Monkey loooooooooooooooooooooooooves baby Will.
Mommy and Monkey go home.
Grandma takes Monkey, Mommy’s mommy takes Mommy, and Mommy goes to sleep.
Channel 8 news calls and wants to interview Mommy because of Daddy and the swine flu.
Mommy says no. Mommy says interview somebody else. Mommy is tired.
Channel 8 news interviews grandparents and Daddy.
Mommy wakes up to make a blog post because, what else do you do after a story like that?

The end. 🙂

Baby Will meeting his Daddy outside the window.
Meeting Daddy

Baby Will under the heat lamps because his breathing was too rapid.
Heat Lamps

Monkey trying to pick up Baby Will because “Baby Will car carseat drive bye bye now!”
Ari and Will

More pictures and details as soon as Mommy can!

William Justice Butler
Born October 5, 2009, 3:31 am
7 pounds, 14 ounces
20 inches long


Watching Dora

Monkey loves Dora the Explorer. Dora happens to drive Mommy crazy. She gets to watch a show a day, and usually it’s while snuggling with one or both parents. Today, I had to wake her up early from her nap to make it to a midwife’s appointment. She was very tired, and by 7:15 she wanted to watch her Dora and lay on my bed. Daddy came home about that time, and she snuggled up to him to watch her show.

Watching Dora

In other news…WE ARE BUYING A HOUSE! (I know, I know!) We’ll move in November 1. There is a special government program that allows teachers, paramedics, firefighters, and police offers in certain areas to buy certain HUD foreclosures for half of HUD’s asking price. A house showed up in our area that we were eligible for, so we put our names into a lottery to “win” the right to buy the house. AND WE WON! (We had entered previously and lost.) We both LOVE the house and are getting fantastic deals on the painting and carpet and other repairs. We’re VERY excited and will be posting pictures as soon as we can! We’ll be living near the intersection of Oates and 635 – much closer to church and many friends. 🙂

Blueberry is doing just fine, the midwife says. Facing a bit the wrong way but it’s not a big deal right now, and won’t be a big deal later it might just make labor more difficult, so I have some exercises to do to see if I can get him to flip over. It also might make carrying him easier – he sits so much more forward than Monkey did!

Well, I need to go pry my husband away from Clone Wars to eat dinner. 😉 Ciao!

Happy Father’s Day

From the time she was very tiny, Monkey has adored her father.  She’s always been a Daddy’s girl.  “Daddy’s at work” will prompt a trip to the front door.  “Car?  Daddy?  Peese?”  Any sound on the front porch will prompt a glance at me.  “Daddy?  Daddy?”  And him actually ARRIVING can stop a tantrum dead in it’s tracks.  Somehow not getting that piece of chocolate way high on the shelf doesn’t seem nearly as important when Daddy has come home.

Daddy wrestles, tickles, kisses, swings, carries, tosses, rocks, feeds, changes, hugs, bathes, reads to, cuddles, and leads his little daughter.  He’s tough when he needs to be tough and gentle when his baby girl just needs a bit of reassurance.  He carries her on his shoulders when she’s too tired to finish her walk.  He plays with her in the backyard before the mosquitos come out in the evenings.  He’s always the one to discover new funny sounds she likes, and new spots for her to be tickled, and can have her laughing breathlessly faster than anyone else on the planet.  And she looks forward to the many nights when Daddy is the one putting her to bed.  She curls up in his lap, snuggled in pajamas and still a bit wet from her bath, pops her binky in her mouth, rests her head on his chest and waits for her “nigh nigh book.”  And she remembers.  Those nights, it’s not Mommy who gets called for at three A.M. when we’ve decided to accidentally toss our binky under the bed.  She calls for Daddy.

Happy Father’s Day, to a man who has already made all his little princess’s dreams come true.

My Husband is Awesome

Daddy is signing up to be an illustrator with iStockPhoto, a cheap stock site where he can submit illustrations for download. I just had to brag on him a bit, he created an image today for his application and I thought it was just hilarious.