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we few, we happy few

Christmas is fun. Even though it was like a month ago.

This blog has really always been more of an every-so-often-big-update blog. I don’t really write about the little every day workings of our family. Which I like…that’s what I want this blog to be for. For the occasional milestone and update. So far that’s been about once a month. But I have recently started another blog that’s updated about every day or so with the daily life of our family (interspersed with random children’s stories and poems I’ve written). So if you’re interested in that, the address is buttonsarentoys.com.

For even MORE updates you can follow both Justin and me on twitter. Ari isn’t on yet…we’re waiting until she can spell.

And now for the update!

Our church had their annual Christmas party which was a ton of fun. Monkey got to go caroling with her Daddy, though I think her favorite part was that she got to put on her own socks. Plus the house we went to had a roller coaster race car game, which happened to be the greatest thing she had ever seen.

Here’s my husband, committing the egregious crime of gingerbread homicide.

My son being smothered by girls. And he likes it. A lot.

Christmas was a lot of fun. I love living so close to all of our family. Monkey was so overloaded with gifts she didn’t know what to do. I surprised Hubs with a Wii that I’d been doing odd jobs for about ten months to save up for. We got a Wii Fit Plus, too, which is fantastic and I looooove it.

My favorite thing about Christmas was both sides of the family were able to get together for Christmas dinner. Did I mention I love living so close to everyone?

We had a white Christmas!!

And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care…

PRESENTS!!! Monkey actually restuffed her stocking with wrapping paper so she could pull more stuff out.

Monkey got a play kitchen for Christmas that comes with a toy phone. F-U-N!

Feeding Unca Mames pickles.

Water splashed in the face + kiss = hilarious picture.

YESSSSS! I got a baker’s hat and apron for Christmas!

We did a whole photo booth series in the hubcap mirrors that hang everywhere in my parent’s house.

Monkey is a big fan of Mimi and Geepa.

We played dominos and much fun was had by all.

More pictures on facebook!

Monkey’s birthday was on the 1st but her party isn’t for another couple of weeks. We’ll be celebrating her 2nd birthday and Jut’s 28th on the same day! Nothing like that to make a person feel old…I keep trying to tell myself we’ve still got a while before I’m 30…but it’s getting so dang close!…I’m rounding 27 but still feel like I’m 21 most days!


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