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Looking forward to Christmas

Will is really starting to laugh…and smile…and chatter…he’s definitely not as much of a chatterbox as Ari was, but he’s finding his voice. 🙂

Baby smiles!!!

Life is settling into more of a routine. Even though we aren’t completely moved in, enough of the house is unpacked that we have places to go relax. It’s hard to manage kids, keeping the house clean and unpacking, so we’re hoping Christmas break is going to afford us more of a time luxury than we’ve been experiencing!

One of our routine parts of the day is mine and Ari’s after nap snuggles. Will is usually still asleep at that point, and (depending on her current mood) we might stay in the rocking chair and cuddle, talk, or read a book. This is probably the sweetest part of my day.

“Mommmyyy! Uuuuup!”

This picture is blurry. I couldn’t care less. 🙂 My snuggles.

Reading the “fishy book” after a particularly rough wake up. (Ari has nightmares sometimes.)

I love that nothing can comfort her quite so much as Mommy kisses. 🙂

I love this picture because her eyes really are this blue!

Ari and Will still love each other. I’m cherishing this time! No one gets bigger laughs or smiles from Will than Ari…and nothing gets Ari quite so excited as the prospect of holding her little brother (whom is currently dubbed her “son” ;).

She’s actually laughing hysterically in this photo. It kind of represents their relationship to a T. 😉


Though life has pretty much been routine, we’re hoping to get a lot of extended family hang out time during Christmas break. It’s really great to live 10-15 minutes from both sets of grandparents!


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