We Band of Butlers

we few, we happy few

Fall Walk

We went on a walk around our neighborhood today. Monkey was very excited, we were going to take CiCi in the baby “shoulder” (stroller) but she decided at the last minute not to. Instead, our walk consisted of acorns, fallen leaves, deciding that candy on the sidewalk is trash, and bits of flyers that Monkey dubbed “MY PAPER!”

“What color are the leaves?” “Geen!” “That’s right! Can you find the yellow leaf?” [thinking…..pointing] “LULLOW LEAF!”
Yellow leaves

We aren’t very good at holding Mommy’s hand or not running away…so we’re practicing.
Mommy's Hand

Monkey is going to be getting a haircut soon…so I want to document all these little curls while I can!!

“Key inaina door open Mimi inthere Papa inthere key opit.”

Something caught her eye. I don’t remember what it was, but she gabbered about it for several minutes. (Gabbered=combo gab and jabbered. I just made it up. You’re welcome.)
Side glance

Playing with the leaves on the sidewalk while Mommy played with the fun leading lines OF the sidewalk.

I LOOOOVE her face in this picture!
That face

Handing me some of her leaves to keep because she couldn’t fit them in her pockets.
Here Mom leaves

I’m pretty sure she’s trying to give her prized leaf to Dora. Who apparently lives in the sky. This probably isn’t good.

Trying to catch a glimpse of something above her…probably a bird, I don’t remember. I do remember she wanted me out of the way to see whatever it was.
Looking up

In other news, a few random shots from the past few weeks/days/years/whatever it’s been.

Monkey really loves her brother. She gets upset when he’s asleep and she can’t play with him and kiss him and hug him and hold him. He’s like a living toy to her…she really likes having him around.

I love this picture…her lashes are so pretty.

Welcome to what my son pretty much does all the time. Except eating and pooping. I don’t have pictures of the latter. You can’t see pictures of the former.
BW Sleeping

“Ari?” “Huh?”

But I should probably wrap this up. The shoot is, quite obviously, OVER.
end of shoot 1

End of Shoot 2


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