We Band of Butlers

we few, we happy few

We haven’t disappeared! (Promise!)

Oh, but we have just about stressed ourselves off the face of the planet!

Hospitalizations, Dr visits, swine flu, a new house…lots has happened and we’ve just been barely able to keep our heads above water! We’ve had a ton of help from our church and family and before you ask, yes, everyone is fine. 🙂 We’ll catch back up on the blog when we’re doing more than just keeping ourselves afloat.

In the meantime, here’s a few teaser pictures of Blueberry and Monkey – who suddenly looks ridiculously grown up in all these pictures I’m taking and I’m constantly struck with how BIG my little girl is getting. I can’t believe she’s only 20 months in some of these! (Daddy picked up a pair of her shoes the other day and said, “Oh, no…These are not baby shoes! These are little girl shoes!”)

Monkey sitting on a bench when we went to play on the playground the other day.

Monkey making a face. I am in love with this hat, ya’ll, for real. $2.50 at a local consignment store. And she will wear it every day until her head will no longer fit! (“Pretty hat wear!”)
Pursed Lips

Ah, my daughter, the diva.

Monkey meeting her baby brother. It was love at first sight!
Monkey and Blueberry Meet

Me and Blueberry minutes after his birth. I adore this photo with all my heart – thanks to my mother who took it!!
Mommy and Blueberry

My mom took this picture an hour after Blueberry was born, being warmed under the heat lamps (he was a bit hypothermic…see “hospitalizations” above…)
Heat lamp

For full story, click here.
Swine Flu Daddy

Daddy snuggling with his brand new Blueberry.
Daddy and Blueberry Kisses

Monkey is constantly asking to “hold him” and for “hugs.” (I’m telling you, this child is IN LOVE.)
Hold him?

A good friend crocheted this gorgeous blanket for Blueberry. It has become our carry-everywhere-around-and-out-of-the-house blanket. It’s soft, warm without being stifling, and the perfect size. Blueberry loves it!

Blueberry napping in his Amby we’re currently borrowing from a friend – the same Amby Monkey napped in when she was his age!



  humbleadoration wrote @

My goodness, your blog looks amazing! I have been reading in Google and didn’t know about the redesign!

Oh, and you and your family look great too! I can’t believe Susanna is going to get so big so quickly. Or that when she’s Monkey’s age, we’ll probably have a newbie.

Do you have any hints for photographing kids? I would love to have pictures of my fam even half as beautiful as the ones you take.

  Mary wrote @

Congrats on the Blueberry! So sorry things are so hectic now, but aren’t they always? 🙂 I am working on a baby gift for Will and wondered what colors your nursery are or what colors you want for him? Let me know if you have a chance! Reed and I are super excited for y’all!

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