We Band of Butlers

we few, we happy few

We has a babies!

Full birth story to come later – because I’m exhausted and going to sleep now – but basically it went like this:

Mommy wakes up in labor and doesn’t know it.
Daddy wakes up with swine flu.
Daddy quarantines himself in another house all day while grandma takes care of Monkey.
Mommy goes shopping, cleans the house, goes for a walk to get ‘false labor’ to go away.
False labor doesn’t go away.
Mommy calls midwife at 11:15 and says “MAKE IT STOP!”
Midwife says, “Come in, we’ll check you.”
Mommy comes in.
Mommy’s a 9.
Out of 10.
Mommy pushes for 3 hours because Mommy keeps passing out because Mommy is exhausted.
Mommy is convinced baby Will is NEVER GOING TO COME EVER.
Baby Will comes!
Daddy is watching through a window because Daddy has swine flu and can’t be near baby.
Mommy sleeps at birth center for 6 hours while Will is being monitored for infection.
Monkey meets baby Will.
Monkey loooooooooooooooooooooooooves baby Will.
Mommy and Monkey go home.
Grandma takes Monkey, Mommy’s mommy takes Mommy, and Mommy goes to sleep.
Channel 8 news calls and wants to interview Mommy because of Daddy and the swine flu.
Mommy says no. Mommy says interview somebody else. Mommy is tired.
Channel 8 news interviews grandparents and Daddy.
Mommy wakes up to make a blog post because, what else do you do after a story like that?

The end. 🙂

Baby Will meeting his Daddy outside the window.
Meeting Daddy

Baby Will under the heat lamps because his breathing was too rapid.
Heat Lamps

Monkey trying to pick up Baby Will because “Baby Will car carseat drive bye bye now!”
Ari and Will

More pictures and details as soon as Mommy can!

William Justice Butler
Born October 5, 2009, 3:31 am
7 pounds, 14 ounces
20 inches long



  Steph Lee wrote @

ummm…wow!!! Amazing. I have tears…precious pics and wild story. Get better Justin and welcome Will!

  Paige wrote @

Amber he is beautiful. I am so sorry he is having troubles right now. The picture of him and Justin is so amazing. We are keeping you guys in our thoughts, he is at the best hospital for babies in Texas. We love you all.

  teamstraz wrote @

Congrats Butlers! I did Liza’s birth at a birth center and loved it! Get some rest!

  Kathy Ballow wrote @

Congratulations. I’m Linda L. Latta Butler’s first cousin Kathy McKelroy Ballow. Love your blog and Twitter. You are so informative and entertaining!! Hope everybody has shaken the H1N1 by now. I’d love to see more pictures of your beautiful family. Will you be posting pictures of Will and Ari on you blog? I just wish I lived near you and could help with the children. I’m a long way from my grandchildren and always wishing I could spend more time with them. Kathy Ballow

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