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Trip to the Park

We dressed in our new warm autumn clothes and spent a few minutes at a local park that has a pond, ducks, and, apparently, five billion mosquitos. Which is why our trip didn’t last an awfully long time.

“Down! Walk!” Monkey loves to run, and she’s so very cute when she does it. She has this little bouncy hoppy dancing run that she does when she’s excited.
Running Dance

I still have yet to work up the courage to cut her hair, for fear I might accidentally snip off one of her beautiful little baby curls. I adore them.

We found some small flowers by the bank of the pond. She proceeded to try to pick every single one for Daddy and Mommy. “Pretty tiny flowers!”

It’s really adorable how much Monkey loves her Daddy – and how incredibly cute he is with her. Their favorite game is “Gonna getcha,” where he chases her and then throws her up in the air to wild giggles. We never get tired of this game, but might sometimes throw a tantrum if it stops too soon.

It’s rare to find Monkey actually walking NEXT to Daddy instead of running off on her own.

I love this picture. She just looks so grown up. I don’t know where my baby went!! People warned me this would happen. Suddenly my little infant has been replaced by a full fledged toddler…

…complete with tantrums and attempts to go “nigh night” on the sidewalk at the park.
Nigh nigh

This is Monkey’s “silly face.” When she says something she just knows is hilarious, you’ll catch her tongue between her lips and a snickering laugh that you can’t help but adore.

I’m finding myself more and more just enjoying the little everyday things. I know that life is about to change drastically. In the next couple of weeks there will be a whole ‘nother tiny person to take care of, and my attentions will be divided. I find myself relishing rocking Monkey during story time, the feel of her tiny, smooth baby curls when I run my finger through her hair, scratching her back when she’s upset, that little skipping run, how excited she gets when she can actually communicate to me something that happened to her during the day (“Mommy! Daddy see outside stars pretty!”). I can’t believe how fast she’s grown up. I’m definitely going to cry the day she turns 2!


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  Steph Lee wrote @

So precious…amazing how these sweet little girls are so alike 🙂 I do wish we lived closer! Beautiful photos as always! Oh, and thanks for the comments on Shauna’s photos…isn’t she stellar?

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