We Band of Butlers

we few, we happy few

Whole sentences…sort of

Monkey is really starting to grasp that there are “filler words” in sentences. She’s been making basic whole sentences – noun phrases complete with verb phrases and messed up grammar – for a while: “Bodey [her name for our dog] eat it no!” or “Baby doll nigh-night beedo [blanket].” But just recently she’s started realizing that words like “in” and “a” and “the” belong in the sentence somewhere. Of course, she has no idea where, so her sentences sound something like this…

“Towel numatumitumtma diaper isnumatoma wet poopy numatuma.”
“Wash sooisnumatum binky numtooma ‘kay?”
“Duck samanumtum quackquack sumtum.”

Come to think of it, she might just be inventing her own postmodern language. I’ll bet I could diagram those sentences… šŸ˜‰


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