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Some Pictures from Hawaii

I finally got Photoshop in the mail yesterday and edited a few pictures from Hawaii. That trip was SO much fun and I want to go back! Luckily Pager is planning on visiting in November with hubby and kiddos in tow, so that should help ease the pain a little.

We found this sea turtle along with another on the beach where they film LOST. I call him The Lost Turtle. Geddit?

The Lost Turtle

Abbie and Luke


Secret Hiding Spot




  Ched wrote @

1. Excellent images. I might have to consider upgrading from “Microsoft Paint.”

2. And yes, it’s past midnight. And yes, my baby doesn’t yet sleep through the night. And yes, I should go to bed. And yes, I’m blaming exhaustion on this comment.

We just had our first child a few weeks ago so I resonated with the latter portion of your comment on Abraham’s blog. I understand that type of comment in a way I was incapable of before!

  Crystal Malek wrote @

Hey Amber! Beautiful photos. Clicked over here from Abe’s 22 words. Look forward to keeping up with your blog & tweets! Oh, and your dad’s blog is great! He would certainly get along with my patriotic dad!

  Maber wrote @

HAHA I’ll pass that information to my Dad. I got him started on blogging a few months ago and it’s hilarious to me how much he loves it!

And thank you both for the kind words about my photos! I must admit, it’s a bit of a cheat because I’m actually a professional photographer. 😉 I run an on location custom portrait business out of Dallas called Gigglebox Photography.

I’d comment more but my daughter is trying to get Starburst off the dresser with a yardstick…

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