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Was that a step or did she catch herself falling?

Monkey has been standing for about 2 months now, but has yet to take an unassisted step. She’s never really even seemed interested in it. Today, however, we played a very fun game. I would stand her up and walk a couple of feet away and sit down. She would laugh hysterically and throw her body forward, at which point I would catch her and she would climb in my lap. This game was loads and loads of fun, but no walking. Then, after doing this about 50 times, I set her down, walked a couple of feet away, plopped down, and…a step. A step before a tumble forward and uproarious laughter. Was it really a step? I was trying to decide when Daddy pointed out that catching yourself with your feet is all walking is! So maybe by Thanksgiving my little Monkey will be a toddling little Monkey. J



  James Byron King IV wrote @

YAY! A STEP! ‘Bout dad gum time! When is she gonna start doing calculous? Also, I don’t consider it walking till 3 steps are taken… there is also a gray area between 3-5 steps on whether is was “lucky” or just plain talent.

  PawPaw wrote @

If you wan’t Monkey to walk, show her Monte Python and the Holy Grail. She will start to walk quickly when she hears….. “Run Away, Run Away”………… “Keep Running!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  rocky wrote @

Hey Amber, you just got tagged! So stop by my blog to find out the rules…and I love your site by the way! Kids really grow quickly, don’t they?? Anyway, take it easy!


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