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Awesome Mommy Moments #4

A couple of days ago Monkey had a bit of a diaper rash and so was having what we like to call “happy nakey baby time” in her play pen.  After a few minutes she climbed up and was standing on the edge of the play pen looking at me and talking to me.  I was talking back when I noticed she had a Rice Krispy stuck to her cheek.  I had given her a few to eat as they are awesome first snacks because they almost instantly dissolve (I highly recommend them for first feedings!) so it didn’t surprise me that one had landed on her face.  “Silly Monkey,” I said as I nonchalantly wiped the Rice Krispy off her face and onto my pant leg.  “You have food on your face.”  Hmm, I thought, that Rice Krispy is squishy, she must have chewed it up and spit it out. That’s when I looked behind her in the play pen.

That was not a Rice Krispy on my daughter’s face.

That was not a Rice Krispy on my pants.

That was not a Rice Krispy in her play pen.

That was a poopy.

That was a poopy on my daughter’s face.

My daughter has poop on her face.

I let this news slowly sink in as I stared at her (who was, by the way, roaring with laughter at this new game).  I calmly picked her up, carried her to the sink, and dumped boiling water over everything that may have been contaminated rinsed her off.  Then I scrubbed every inch of her playpen in boiling water and soap and let it soak in the sink for 24 hours washed off all her toys.  The better news?  I later found more poopy that I had missed because it was hiding behind her ear – which, by the way, is the same place she keeps crackers, so I don’t know what she was planning on doing with it.



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