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You’ve Won!

Okay, so 1 in 6 ain’t horrible odds, but I do like winning things. Especially when those “things” involve Dr. Pepper. So when I picked up a 2 liter of the goo for a party I noted the “1 in 6 wins!” on the bottle and decided that, this time, I would actually take the time to enter the stupid code on the stupid internet, thereby signing myself up for a lifetime of ridiculous spam, to see if I could get my hands on a free bottle of sweet tasting, carbonated liver poison.

After the party, Daddy and I gathered around the computer and signed up for our Dr. Pepper membership, which is on a horrible written, cumbersome, GIGANTIC website that nearly ate our computer four times. Then I entered my code. I waited…waited…and YES! Wow! I won! Alright, and now to claim my prize! What greatness would it be? A free small fry with purchase of a franchise? A fountain drink redeemable at 10 convenience stores nationwide? Maybe even a 2 liter?

“Congratulations, you did it! Claim your WALLPAPER PRIZE now!”


I won a…a what?!

That’s right, folks. 1 in 6 wins ain’t gonna cost this company a DIME. Because I am now the privileged recipient of a FREE downloadable advertisement for my computer desktop! What happened to the days when stupid marketing schemes like prizes on a coke meant popping the top and out comes a five dollar bill instead of soothing liquid goodness?!

Oh, well. This is America, right? Maybe next time I’ll buy a Coke.


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  the cole family: wrote @

haha, sorry about the wallpaper let down, but that’s pretty funny. i had a good laugh!

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